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Concrete Fence Painting
Posted on Apr 24th, 2018
For those homeowners who border the concrete HOA fence, you are not required to paint the inside of the fence, however if you do, you will need to paint it the same "Washed Suede" color as the rest of the fence. The product that was used on the concrete fence:  Kwal Paint, Stone FX Acrylic Concrete Stain, fence color: Washed Suede, the post color: Dark Walnut.
HOA Email list
Posted on Apr 24th, 2018
Please register on the HOA website and you will receive HOA communication and updates in your email.
We try not to overdo our email messages but want to be sure you are notified of our bi-monthly meetings and get updates on important issues regarding crime, wild animals, or other urgent issues.
Reminder to Secure Homes and Vehicles
Posted on Apr 24th, 2018
REMINDER: With the warmer weather arriving the thieves who target open garage doors will be out on the prowl again! Although it is a hassle, it's a good idea to close your garage doors when you are out of sight, even when you move from front to back yard to mow. Keep an eye out suspicious behavior - slow driving cars, people walking or driving taking notes - and alert your neighbors, the HOA and/or the police as needed. By doing this you will help keep our neighborhood safe! Any suspicious behavior should be reported immediately to the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) at 719-444-7000.
Auto Payment of HOA Dues
Posted on Aug 20th, 2016 Comments (0)
Interested in auto payment options for your HOA dues?  Please see the Notices section on the right or the News section under Residents on the left where you will find the ACH form and directions.